Disaster recovery readiness

  • 14 June 2021
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One of Glasswall`s main goals was to achieve product bulletproof stability, especially in regards to Glasswall email, where all of our clients depend on us to provide continuous service without any delay.
When we are in a regular situation, Glasswall operates with 100 percent of efficiency and stability.

The question is what happens when conditions become irregular. There were some situations where Glasswall`s resilience was put to the test. On September of 14th 2020, there was a major outage with Microsoft Azure UK South region, and all of the cloud services were affected including Glasswall. We were able to implement a workaround and found a way to continue delivering our services to clients, regardless of the situation we were in. Detailed reports were created and sent to our clients for review. We learned a lot from this and the situations like this. Sets of actions and measures were taken to increase the level of our readiness for this type of situation.

We added additional storage in different Azure regions, which means if a similar situation reoccurs it will have much less impact on Glasswall Email. Queue-based systems were implemented, so in case of email flow disruption, we would avoid any mail loss.  Several failsafe points have been added and a level of product monitoring has been increased. Additional playbooks for future similar incidents with Azure are now completed and implemented.

One of the key areas we have been working to improve is finding a better and quicker way to reach our customers, in case of any potential problems, which will not rely on email communication. Bulk
Texting services are now fully implemented and will immediately alert our customers in case of mail flow disruption. The customer contact list is now regularly updated and a new phone system is in place. This allows us to directly call a great number of customers in a very short time if needed. 

If you need any additional information regarding this subject or anything else regarding our products or services, please post a question in the community and we will be happy to answer it for you.

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