Cross Domain Solutions Plug-in

  • 30 July 2021
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The Glasswall Cross Domain Plug-in removes potential threats from files crossing multiple domains in and out of private or public networks. 

The Plug-in mediates the flow of files from a source location (e.g. Dropbox) onto the Glasswall CDR Platform which instantly cleans and rebuilds files to match their known good manufacturer's specification – then places the safe file to a destination location which is typically in a higher trust zone.


How it works

CDR implementations can be chained together, as they span different domains to ensure that the process is double-blind. Files are processed in dedicated Kubernetes Pods and Containers which are destroyed once a sanitized file is emitted, ensuring the integrity of the environment.




Key benefits

  • Glasswall CDR platform is context agnostic about how the Cross Domain air-gap is established
  • Multiple connectors available to define how the Cross Domain Plug-in communicates with storage repositories before passing the file to the Glasswall CDR Platform for threat removal
  • Synchronization and sanitization of files across different storage types and protocols is straightforward to achieve

Use cases

  • Centralized file processing services
  • Bulk file imports
  • Platform migration to cloud
  • Documents and records migration
  • Internal bulk file scanning
  • Disaster recovery and business resumption
  • Zero-Trust scenarios that require eradication of threats
  • Third party network connections

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