Try Glasswall CDR for Free

  • 20 July 2021
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Try Glasswall CDR for Free


There are several ways you could try out our CDR technology.


Test Drive Glasswall CDR



Our Test Drive Glasswall CDR tool is a free way to try out our technology. It allows you to drag and drop files, which are then sanitised using our patented CDR technology. 

After the file has been processed, you are provided with a report where you can see what changes were made to the file and if anything was removed.

It’s a great way to see what the capabilities of the Glasswall CDR technology are.


Acquiring free 50 file rebuild via Glasswall store online


You can register with Glasswall store and order 50 file rebuild for free.

When registered to Glasswall store you can chose option Rebuild API (shared) and then select License type ( 50 files ) for 0$ and hit button Buy it now. When the process is complete you will receive email containing conformation order number, API endpoint and token number.


Now you are able to test rebuild API and there are 2 ways:

Glasswall file rebuild product API:

Accessing here

First thing you need to do is to authorize. Hitting button on the left side the window will popup where you can enter your token you received in a conformation mail. Once you authorized there are 3 options to try to test rebuild API.


Rebuilds a file located at a specified URL and outputs the rebuilt file to another specified URL


Rebuilds a file using its binary data by simply uploading file directly from your computer.


Rebuilds a file using the Base64 encoded representation


Once you select option that rebuilds a file located at a specified URL hit the ”Try it out “ button and then you will be able to enter input and output URL for your file. In the request body box you need to add:  "InputGetUrl": "string", and "OutputPutUrl": "string", Replace “string” with proper URL and hit execute to receive rebuild file.

Option rebuild file allows you to directly upload file from your computer, hit chose file  and select file you want to rebuild. Once the process is complete you will be able to download file.

Option rebuild file  base64 is similar to the one mentioned before but using Base64 encoded representation.




Once you have received a conformation email from the Glasswall store, you can test rebuild API using the Postman application.  Firstly, navigate to Here there is a lot of documentation and sample files you can download to test rebuild API. Chose Products/Rebuild API/ Rebuild/Quickstart. There is a button “Postman” you can hit and then you select if you want to download web or a desktop application.  You can send a file to sanitization from here by setting up Post request, proper URL, needed headers an body (selecting file to rebuild). Once all this is setup you can hit send and file will be sanitized and returned to you. Last thing to do is to save file to your computer and test it.

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